Gloria Two-FeathersGloria Two-Feathers

Coming from a unique Scottish and Native American heritage, Gloria Two-Feathers says hers was a family of story-tellers, who used analogies, oral history and jokes to teach her and her six siblings. From hunting, to canning, to the history of the family’s South Dakota homestead, each topic came alive in the telling. As an adult Gloria adventured to Wyoming and then to the Seattle area where she eventually opened The Earthwork School of Energy Healing. Having a huge impact on her life path, Lakota Elder, Buck Ghost Horse instructed her over a 20-year period about spirituality, ritual, ceremony, and culture — eventually giving Gloria her name. This connection to Native American culture resonated strongly with Gloria, reinforcing her sense that everything is alive. She brings this extraordinary sensibility to the stories that have begun to flow through her in this newest chapter of her life.