“The Clinton Library was proud to present storyteller Gloria Two-Feathers this past Saturday. She shared three coyote wisdom stories: Standing Nation, Coyote is a Dancer, and Coyote and the Monster. People attending ranged from preschoolers to adults, and she captivated everyone.

Gloria arrived well in advance of her program to set up. She greeted people as they arrived. Our first guests included an eight-year-old girl who had written and illustrated a book for school this past year. Gloria encouraged her to talk about what her book was about, and graciously gave her a copy of a book that she has published. Gloria took the time to have her photo taken with the young writer and encouraged her to keep telling her stories. Gloria welcomed everyone who attended warmly, making them feel welcome and included. Several people who attended the program made a point of telling me that they really enjoyed the program and that they were glad that they had attended.

During her storytelling, Gloria used chanting, drumming, and refrains to draw the listeners in. The audience members were welcome to dance if they wanted to. For the final story, Gloria wore a coyote robe and coyote became the storyteller. Gloria invited people to pet the coyote robe and to take photos after the program.

Gloria’s stories help keep the tradition of oral storytelling alive. Her fee is reasonable and affordable. She weaves magic and humor into her performance, which will delight your audiences. I am looking forward to bringing Gloria back in the future!”

Clinton Library Manager
July 18, 2018


“Gloria,I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful performance of your stories at the Snohomish Library last Saturday. I wanted to share with you what I wrote to our Friends of the Library group about your performance:

‘Storyteller Gloria Two-Feathers shared some incredible stories for an intimate group at the library on September 19th. Her stories, as told through her most recent storytelling CD Coyote Wisdom, introduced families to The Great Trickster Coyote with song and drums. Her stories were funny, thought-provoking, and full of beautiful imagery. Although the audience was small, Two-Feathers did not hesitate to give her group a heart-felt performance.’

Thank you again! I will be sure to pass on the message to our other branches!”

Shannon Horrocks
Children’s Librarian
Snohomish Library

“Gloria’s storytelling is delightful and magical. She completely captivated the entire room full of 250 children and adults alike. We were all transported to the roots of our humanity through her lyrical and joyful tone, and embodiment of archtypal characters from nature. I felt truly uplifted!”

Stacey Hinden
Executive Director
Vashon Wilderness Program

“Gloria Two-Feathers enchanted my fourth grade with her stories, drumming and singing. Her very being was magical in my classroom. Thank you, Gloria, for the wisdom, warmth and depth you brought to my students!”

Mary Spurgin
Fourth Grade Teacher
The Waldorf School